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Umbria by e-bike: electrify your FUN!

Greenways has been in the tourism world since 2018. We started with a homemade site and a bunch of second-hand bikes. Sure, it's only five years ago, but in the meantime, the world has changed profoundly. The pandemic, the evolution of technology linked to the need to work remotely, and more eco-friendly mobility have led to a new world: smart working, EVs (electric vehicles), and the e-bike, are technologies that have established themselves in a very short time, and become part of global culture as a standard, and no longer as an innovation.

My dad and I 35 years of riding together!

I have been cycling since my father recycled a kid's bike. It was all red and had racing handlebars and a shifter. It was a wonderful wreck, which the nuns of the kindergarten I used to go to were about to throw away. By recycling that wreck, my father changed my life. It was 1982, I was 4 years old, and I still remember that bike very well. It was so much fun trying to chase my dad's wheel, and the feeling of freedom was emotional. It was only my father and me, on some crapy bikes. But it was a lot of fun, we were free, meanwhile, I established a relationship with my father that has united us forever. Thank you, dad.

Since then, and for over 35 years I have always cycled with my father and I have changed numerous bicycles. Today, forty years later, I ride a bike that I charge off the wall, and sometimes when I climb some hills, I like to sing loudly. Now, for someone like me who loves to work out, and dreams of climbing mountains on the most epic climbs of the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France, the e-bike took a while to convince me. Facing new trends, especially big ones, there is always a bit of skepticism. Do you agree?

In the end, it really is how we approach the bike itself, I mean the reason we ride and how we do it.

Riding together is the most powerful of the social network!

We, at Greenways Italy, think that a bike is a tool for freedom, a powerful social network that links us and helps us explore new places with new people, without looking at technicalities or numbers. You pedal to enjoy everything around you to the fullest. This is the spirit of our bike tours, and this is where e-bikes become fundamental. E-bikes allow you to go further, without daring; to go further with less effort, and to enjoy life with a smile. You don't need to be a professional rider to climb a mountain, and it's healthy too. Riding e-bikes is fun even on the flat, not just uphill.

In short, e-bikes are revolution. The future is now.

Said that we offer food and wine experiences by bicycle, and that's where e-bikes become an essential tool to allow anyone to enjoy a day ride, or a whole vacation, with no worries. Just go for it.

The evolution of our business is defined by the evolution of the context, and here we are. From now, our e-bikes are ready to take you anywhere. From this year all our bike tours will be with e-bikes. We have chosen solid and reliable Italian bicycles. A brand that made the history of cycling: Bianchi.

Our all new Bianchi e-bike T-Tronik

Go further, enjoy life, let your feelings guide your path, taste a traditional Italian meal while sipping the best wine in the area, and immerse yourself in a beautiful landscape. Don't worry, have fun. This is Greenways Italy

Multiply your fun.

Explore, taste, live.

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