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The Company

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  • Greenways Italy is a registered Tour Operator Company that provides food and wine experiences, active tours, and vacations. Based in a tiny medieval castle in the beautiful countryside of Umbria; a land of Saint Francis of Assisi, remarkable wine, olive oil, healthy food, art, and history. Explore, Taste, Live!

    We are a small family-owned business

    Daniele, Laura, and our little baby Leo

  • We offer active holidays, from one-day guided bike tours to bike rental 

  • We own our bikes, fabulous trekking / dual-sport machines that can take you anywhere, very comfortably.

  • We set up this business because we are passionate about food, wine, the outdoors, and active life, and we look forward to sharing our culture with you. Easy. Simple. 

The Team

Daniele Ciccone


Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Italian


Hometown: Como

Daniele Ciccone Bio

Daniele was born in Milan and grew up in Lake Como. Back in the mid-'90s, he started traveling non-stop until 2014 when he decided to go back home. In 2005 he left  Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a journey around the world on a motorbike that took him to travel all continents for nearly 10 years. This intense experience took him to explore different cultures learning new skills in different areas. He worked as a chef, professional photographer, and cinematographer, then switch into tourism business working as Tour Leader for several years. All these experiences change his life and perspective. After living in crowded places such as New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, once back he decided to settle down in a tiny village of 15, in the middle of the countryside of Umbria. Passionate for the outdoors and sport in general, he loves cycling. 


Laura Cimò


Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Italian

Hometown: Rome

Laura Cimò Bio

Born and raised in the heart of Rome, she grew up as the youngest child of a large and diverse Italian family. Laura grew a natural curiosity towards other cultures since her very young age. She moved to London to study English at the age of 18 and obtained a University Degree in Tourism Management and Latin American studies. Inspired by her father who worked as a journalist in Latin America and the USA for many years, she traveled to South America for 3 years, working as a Tour leader guiding small group adventures through Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, and Cuba.

The roots were calling her back, so she took the opportunity to work in tourism traveling all over the country. Italy is unique for its history, culture, art and endless beauty… However, the aspect that Laura loves the most about her culture is Food & Wine diversity. Every little village of Italy hides some incredible recipes and unique products and is so much fun to learn about them.

Food for us is much more than just eating, through our cuisine we share Love for Life.

Greenways Italy started with the goal to show travelers the best aspects of the Italian Lifestyle. We love to enjoy a simple yet genuine lifestyle surrounded by great people and natural beauty.

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