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First Ride after Covid-19: Freedom!

Positive at Covid-19. 30 days of total isolation. Today the green light of the ASL (Local Health Authority). Finally, the road opens up again. Let’s go! Andiamo!

bike family adventures
father and son riding together!

The dressing ritual is a little longer today, 30 days have passed since the last bike ride. A lot. My family and I tested positive for Covid-19 in mid-December, but we had been in isolation for a week already. Luckily, we had mild symptoms and the situation remained under control. However, the period of total isolation lasted a month. Torture. Saturday another test, Monday the green light of the ASL (Local health authority): the isolation is over! I felt so happy that I would have climbed Everest barefoot just to get out. So, to celebrate, of course, I decide to get on my bike and go for a ride.

First bike ride after covid-19
First bike ride after 30 days of isolation

January is not the best time to ride, outside we are around zero degrees Celsius; It is windy and humid. This means that if you are not well equipped you will literally freeze. However, driven by the enthusiasm of the moment, I do the first 10 km at 40km per hour, then I take a look at the computer and I see my pulse skyrocketing.

I decide to take it easy, slow down and enjoy every moment of the ride while embracing the wonderful view. I feel like I'm flying, but the GPS will show that actually, my performance ​​was quite poor. Not that I have ever looked for the best performance when I ride my bike, but it is clear how the month-long break and the virus "pulled me apart" in a short time. It will take a few months to get back to the way I was before.

The bike for me is not just a bike, it is an instrument of spiritual liberation and of human aggregation. While riding my bike I made important decisions in life, I meditated, I found clarity, I moved forward, I transformed.

Thanks to the bike I got to know my father deeply. Together we have shared the road for many years and our best moments are related to the bicycle. Sitting on the saddle and pedaling, my father and I became friends, partners in crime, adventure mates.

Assisi bike ride
Assisi Bike ride

Often, we underestimate how with such a simple and rudimentary tool, we can do extraordinary things. On this blog, we said more than once how we think that the bicycle can be one of the most powerful social networks.

The incredible effort of climbing up a mountain and the inexplicable pleasure that comes with it. The joy of the downhill, feeling the nature around. Those are emotions that when shared, bind you with others forever.

This is our approach. We believe that the bicycle is much more than a bike. Our tours are born with this spirit and we are committed to sharing our philosophy with all the people that approach our project.

Sharing a day on a bike can give you so much more than you think.

Take a look at our bike tours, give yourself a moment of freedom, ride with us. #PostCovidRide #Biketherapy #winterride

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