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Cycling in the winelands...

We just said goodbye to a fantastic summer season but we are very excited here in Umbria as one of the best time to enjoy our territory is just beginning. Welcome fall!

We know that Autumn is approaching when riding around the fields with our bikes, we start seeing beautiful juicy purple grapes hanging from the vines lanes….then we know it’s harvest time, Vendemmia - in Italian!

The busiest time of the year for our local wine producers and a great time for visitors to enjoy the events created around this ancient tradition. The last Sunday of September is usually dedicated to “Cantine Aperte” (Open wineries) – a great opportunity to check the production process right at the wineries while visiting beautiful medieval hill towns such as Montefalco, Bevagna and Spello in all their charm.

The vineyards near Bevagna

Exploring Umbria you’ll find some of the most amazing, delightfully undervalued Italian wines – from the crisp, dry white wines of Grechetto to the deep colored, antioxidant-rich reds of Sagrantino. Still considered a fairly “new” red wine despite a long history. Though small-scale cultivation of Montefalco's indigenous grape - Sagrantino - dates back to 154 - monks used it to create a sweet sacramental wine it all but disappeared in later centuries and was nearly extinct by the 1960s. Only in the late 1970s was Sagrantino revived by a handful of winemakers who learned to tame the grape’s aggressive tannins.

Tasting Umbria wines during our #BikeAndWine Tour

Taste our favorite Umbria wines savoring delicious local food during one of our #BikeAndWineTour - enjoying a farm to table lunch at one of our favorite wineries in the Valle Umbra.

Tasting organic Umbrian delicacies

Our #UmbriaBikeTours are experiences created around local culture and traditions of our territory.

Stay tuned to read more about Umbria local discover by bike!


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