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From Tuscany to Umbria - A new way to explore the Italian countryside

When we decided to create GreenwaysItaly Tours we though that Umbria was going to be the PERFECT place to start our local business.

Its green and pleasant countryside fields, the greenway that crosses the valley from North to South, those charming medieval villages…we simply fell in love with Umbria.

Both myself and Daniele worked for a long time in Tuscany leading group bike tours for a Canadian Tour Operator and that’s how we met and where everything started.

Tuscany…so charming, elegant with its stunning landscapes…it was our favorite place to work in the whole country. We realized however, that what we loved the most about working there was not only the beauty of the area, but the fact that exploring it by bicycle was so interesting, fun and unique.Every single tour was different and truly special!

This is what drove us to start our local bike tours business in Umbria.

We thought that combining our experience to the esthetic and cultural beauty of this region could be a perfect match. Today as we read our travelers’ feedbacks we think “yes, we were right!”

Exploring Umbria by bike it's simply fantastic!

As we approach our second year of GreenwaysItaly we are proud of the partnerships we have stablished with fellow local businesses to create unique and high-quality experiences to our visitors.

The latest addition of our Umbria BikeTours offer is the “Gold of Spello Bike Tour “. Located on the hills just a few kilometers south of Assisi, Spello is part of the “club” of the most beautiful villages of Italy. This medieval town produces one of the best extra virgin olive oil (EVO) in the country. Known as the ORO DI SPELLO.

During our Spello Bike Tour you are going to taste it and learn all about it.

If you have never been on a Extra Virgin olive oil tasting, you should give it a try!

This Bike Tour is a wonderful journey through the Umbrian countryside and a unique off-beaten-path experience to discover what makes Umbria the place to be. EXPLORE, TASTE, LIVE!

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Hi, keep up the great work guys. Your tours & slow travel look and sound amazing. I can't wait to be able to come & ride & taste all your hard work 🙂

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