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Is a Family Bike Tour on your bucket list?

A family bike tour for the whole team while exploring a new country/ region can easily become one of the Most memorable activities of you family vacation. Here's why:

1. You get to switch off from your daily family's routines as you are too busy following your guide through the countryside, enjoying the landscape and having fun on your own two wheels.

2. You get to discover off-the-beaten path areas at your own pace, allowing children to feel that sense of freedom that only riding a bike can give them.

3. You stay active, which automatically helps you releasing stress and anxiety - leaving space and time to fresh-air, sunshine and great laughs.

4. You bond easily with each other, away from calls, e-mails and text messages, even for just a few hours - you get to appreciate the surroundings without the filter of your phones. And your children will not be asking to use your phones!

5. Bike Tours - like our Umbria Family Bike Tours - are slow, green and allow you to make plenty of stops along the way to appreciate iconic sights, try delicious food and rest at a local farm-houses. In the summer time, we had a splash at the farm house's swimming pool to make everybody happy :)

6. Family Bike Tours are fun, stress free, and engaging for the whole family. We hardly see children complaining or parents getting stressed...our tours are design to take away the usual worries of taking your children on outdoor activities in foreign countries. You only need to relax and follow us...

7. Everyone feels that sense of accomplishment at the end that creates a team spirit.

8. From the point of view of the bike company owners - family bike tours are probably the most challenging tours to design.

We need to consider many different factors such as the age of the children, their size, their ability to cycle, the weather, the length of the ride's hard work BUT...when you see those smiles looking at you and thanking you for the great time they had, we truly think they are the BEST part of our job.

> Curious about our Umbria Family Bike Tours? Contact us to receive the best available option for you and your Family!


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