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Tailor-made & luxury travel experiences in italy

22 years traveling the world; by train, boat, bus, on foot, bicycle, and motorbike. Traveling with a minimalist approach, eager for experiences, for learning about cultures through people's stories. I have stopped to study and working on almost every continent. I lived in a mud hut in Bolivia and sat at a table in a fancy restaurant with the deputy mayor of New York City. The pursuit of absolute freedom has led me to experience such extreme and distinct situations, that feels like I lived another life. Laura took a very similar path and spent a long time traveling between Northern Europe and Latin America. We met as globetrotters, with a common passion for beauty, food, and diversity.

Alaska during Long Way Dany. A round the world adventure on a motorbike

The result of an adventurous lifestyle is a wealth of experience. Human behavior first, then knowledge. When we started our Greenways Italy project we both continued working as tour leaders for a Canadian tour operator until Greenways took off and required our full attention.

Over the years of working as tour guides, we have developed a huge network, which allows us to create particular, tailor-made trips, attempting to share the absolute beauty that Italy has to offer, taking care of every little detail, seeking the authenticity of experiences through the people who best represent the tradition of the area. This is our approach.

Greenways Italy, therefore, offers a range of different experiences. We specialize in creating tailor-made vacations, so we work with travel agents, international tour operators, and directly with customers. Greenways is based in Umbria, but we work throughout Italy, from the Alps to Sicily. It is our territory, and we have a passion for it!

The services we provide:

• Private, exclusive, luxury tours:

Creating a tailor-made trip is not a simple process. You need to be creative, and empathic. You have to go above and beyond imagining different scenarios. The ability to understand customer expectations is the key to success. A travel experience can change your life. People place a lot of expectations on these kinds of experiences. Designing an exclusive journey is a whole different world. Our attention to detail makes these trips unique, unrepeatable and so different from more generic group tours. Nothing is ever left to chance. Recently, we have organized a tailor-made trip for our special friends and clients, between Lake Como, the Dolomites, the Amalfi Coast, and Rome. A 3-week dream tour "La Dolce Vita" in which we took care of every aspect: from the Villas to local activities, from restaurants to private chefs, private yachts, and so on. A premium trip, built piece by piece on customer requirements.

• Guided group tours:

We call them Active Gourmet because they aim to offer an authentic cultural experience, through the exploration of the area, and of the culinary traditions that distinguish the legendary Italian cuisine.

• Self-guided Bike tours:

They are very versatile packages. They leave the traveler free to choose their own dates, the group of people to travel with, the level of comfort, and the services to include. We take care of everything else: from the best cycling routes on endless back roads to the best accommodation depending on your budget and we even carry your luggage. We provide a digital roadbook through an app, which allows you to easily navigate your way, with lots of information and suggestions: restaurants, highlights along the way, and historical-cultural notions.

• Guided bike tours:

Do you dream of the Giro d'Italia, the coast-to-coast, the Tuscany of Chianti, the Mediterranean Sea, or the legendary climbs of the Dolomites? We organize group tours with a guide service and assistance with the van. You don't have to look where to go or stop to ask for directions. Any mechanical problems are solved on the spot, and you don't have to carry your luggage. Ride super light, and enjoy the view. We organize the logistics and the best routes. You just have to ride and get the most out of it.

Send us a request and let us know what you dreaming about in Italy! Andiamo!

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