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Umbria – A paradise destination for "Foodies"

I am not a chef, actually my cooking is pretty basic but I define myself as a “Foodie”!

I love traveling to discover local products and traditional dishes and to relax a love spending hours wondering around local farmers markets.

Having spent many years abroad it was only once I got back to Italy and I started working as a tour leader all over the country that I realize how incredibly diverse the gastronomy of Italy was and how globalization and mass tourism were endengering this amazing aspect of my culture.

Umbria Slow Food
The "Black Celery" Festival in Trevi - Umbria

When I discovered Umbria I realized how incredibly unique this region was in terms of slow organic food and green lifestyle.

In Umbria we shop directly from the local producers. We buy fruit and vegetables from our farmers' shop – wine at our local biodynamic winery – bread at our Km0 bakery down the road etc.

Umbria Typical Food
Typical Umbrian Charcuteries Yum!

Greenways Italy Tours started from our desire to create local experiences where we could combine the pleasure of being outdoor to the aspect of our culture that I thought it was totally unique a treasure to preserve – our gastronomic tradition.

Each single medieval village in Umbria has its own slow food products and every year -at least once or twice- a food fair is held to celebrate them.

Just to name a few…In Bevagna you should try the typical Porchetta (suckling roasted pig) have a sandwich to go or visit one of the local osterias to try it with a good glass of red wine - we love the one managed by the butchers family themselves!

Spello has a long tradition of making some of the best extra-virgin olive oil in Umbria called in fact “The Gold of Spello” which is used to make also excellent cosmetics while the neighboring Trevi is known for its "Black Celery" (which is not black but only dark green in the inside) and it is known for its fragrant flavors and detoxing properties. Last but not least,the less known Cannara is celebrated for its typical Onion - a must dish to try during our Bike & Bite Tour in the summer.

Discover Umbria By Bike
Bevagna main square during our Bike &Bite Tour

Our day Bike Tours are a great way to immerge yourself in these amazing traditions without even having to feel guilty about it as you’ll be sweating it all off by the end of the day!

Cycling give us the opportunity to appreciate every single corner of our territory and get out of the usual tourist path enhancing the travelers' experience and benefiting the local community.

Come Visit!

- Laura


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