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Montefalco Sagrantino Wine: an unforgettable experience for the palate!

The cuisine and fine wines of Italy have rightly drawn travelers from every corner of the globe for centuries. Planning your trip around the preponderance of regional food and wine is one of the best ways to experience this stunning country.

Tuscany may be your first option when thinking about traveling to the Italian countryside. However, if you want to have a completely authentic, off-the-beaten-path experience, Umbria should be added to your bucket list! You have not experienced Italy until you have sampled Montefalco Sagrantino. This king of Umbrian wines is of superlative character.


The beginning…

Montefalco Sagrantino Grapes
Sagrantino Grapes in Montefalco Italy

The origin of the wine is centuries old and can be traced back to the first Franciscan friars, who cultivated the unique grape for “sacramental use”.

While Sagrantino was first linked to the production of sweet wines, obtaining official recognition as a 'superior dessert wine' (today represented by the Sagrantino Passito), it also holds its own alongside the great Italian reds, thanks to the recently produced 'dry' version.

Naturally, it took some time to obtain DOC recognition and the journey to achieve It was paved with uncertainty. In the 1970s Sagrantino grape fell out of favor and growers considered uprooting it and replacing it with other famous grapes. But fortunately, this didn’t happen. The determination of several committed producers not only saved the vine, but their efforts propelled Sagrantino to the top of the worldwide enology list, attaining in 1992 official recognition by the Italian quality system as DOCG wine (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin).


Montefalco… the wine land

Sagrantino wine produciotn in Montelfaco
Montefalco Sagrantino Wineland

Under Italian law, this wine is obtained exclusively from Sagrantino grapes, produced in a defined region around Montefalco, the heart of Umbria. It is said that Montefalco is synonymous with Sagrantino and Sagrantino with Montefalco. Indeed, there exists a real connection between the land and the grape thanks to the dedicated craftsmanship of the local producers who take enormous pride in creating a superlative wine. Nowadays, you can find at least 40 wineries that produce this wine, making Montefalco the wine capital of the region and a great place where to enjoy different outdoor and culinary activities.


But the green heart of Italy gives you more.

Wineries in Montefalco Sagrantino Wine
Montefalco wineries

Traveling around Umbria can be a wonderful mix of sensorial experiences.

Alongside the magnificent wine groves of Montefalco Sagrantino, you will encounter lush green hills that hug the valleys with medieval castles (now turned into small villages) and family-owned farms offering authentic local products dotted around.

Mass tourism never arrived here, what you see, feel and experience tastes of authenticity.

Greenways Italy offers the perfect way to explore the magnificence of the Umbrian countryside. With a range of exclusive guided day tours and customized vacations on offer, the cultural and natural beauty of Umbria and Italy will be unveiled at your perfect pace.

Located in Torre del Colle, a Borgo housed in one of the medieval castles close to Montefalco, your dream of exploring the heart of the Italian countryside begins.

Our company is dedicated to creating unforgettable holiday memories for you by offering a variety of experiences that will immerse you in regional life.

There are bike riding and hiking options for outdoor enthusiasts, while for those who prefer to relax completely you can cruise around in the comfort of a minivan enjoying slow tourism at its best.


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