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Why you should try a local bike tour on your next trip.

Our tours company started with the belief that traveling is about being in one place not just passing by it and ticking it out of your travel list.

Touring by bicycle gives you the opportunity to explore slowly, discovering hidden corners, small towns, feeling the nature and the culture around you.

After years of leading group tours around the world, we were convinced that what we loved the most about our job was the interaction with the local community of the places we were visiting and being an intermediary between them and our travelers.

Umbria felt to us as the perfect place to set up a local tour company because we loved its peaceful landscapes and that feeling of authenticity that this small region has managed to preserve.

This is why we strive every day to design the best active day tours to show visitors the very best of our territory. Respecting it and contributing to its development.

Here a list of benefits you will gain if you choose a Bike Tour when visiting a new place:

1. Exploring at a perfect pace.

If what you want to get out of your travels is a real experience, then rushing from one place to the other will not do the job. Cycling in a new territory let you watch the world go by at a perfect pace - faster than on foot, yet slow enough to engage and respond to the surrounding landscape and community.

2. Benefit the local economy.

Traveling is all about giving and taking. When visiting a new place, we should pay attention to the way we spend our money. When choosing a local tour operator, like Greenways Italy Tours, you will benefit many members of the local community…from local producers to food artisans to family owned business it is never a one-person job, it’s about sharing each others' knowledge and working together to create the perfect experiences for our visitors.

3. Meet the locals.

I am convinced that the best travel memories are strictly connected to the people we meet along the way. Sometimes is enough a chat, a laugh or a story shared with some locals to enhance the whole experience a thousand times.

4. Learn about history and culture in a fun way.

For as much as you can read about a new culture, it is never like hearing and talking about it with somebody that has lived and worked in that territory for a long time. Local guides are precious intermediaries between the traveler and the local community.

5. Feel great staying active.

Even for the less sporty ones, that feeling of accomplishment when you have spent a few hours outdoor, learning, laughing and eating delicious food - feeling surprisingly energetic - is unique. Staying active makes us feel great, mostly when we are in great company creating life long lasting memories.

Greenways Italy it's all about slow travel, which for us is the best possible way to experience a new culture, landscape, and people.


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